Cybersecurity & STEM

Activate every student’s superpowers with essential cyber smarts

Our ever-evolving digital world offers young people so much room to soar! Inspire middle school students to decode their everyday lives and hack into a better future for our planet using the basics of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Empower the next generation of STEM stars with the help of interactive career profiles.

All Things Digital

Do you realize that everyone today is leading a “double life”? As technology continues to impact every aspect of our society, people now have citizenship in both the physical and the digital world! Empower students to lean into digital innovation and online safety today to find balance and success tomorrow.


Uncover secrets and protect your information using super cyber stealth skills! Unlock the mysteries of cybersecurity with the keys of encryption, a crucial component of all security technologies. Cultivate a new generation of codebreakers to keep our online communities safe, using the magic of mathematics.

Fraud Detection

Seeing through cyber camouflage takes equal parts intuition and innovation. To protect against hackers, it’s crucial to actively investigate and analyze digital clues. Show students that the simple power of pattern recognition is all it takes to solve cybercrimes and become a formidable Fraud Detective.


Hacker attacks and cyber crooks require a new kind of crimefighter. The virtual goldmine known as “Data” is attracting all kinds of cybercriminals looking to profit illegally from online information. Equip students with the tools they need to avoid data breaches and become the future’s digital defenders.

Internet of Things

When everything is connected, nothing is impossible! As the 4th Industrial Revolution redefines the connection between students’ physical and digital lives via the Internet of Things (IoT), the possibilities of harnessing data are out of this world. Discover how Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is driving a data explosion.

A.I for Social Good

Can you help redefine “the greater good” for our digitally diverse world? Cyber smarts can be used for so much more than just personal success! Empower tomorrow’s tech heroes to tackle our toughest and most complex social problems using game-changing advances in A.I. and data science.  

Security Engineer

Find out how computer systems can be carefully designed with protocols for withstanding disruptions caused by cyberattacks

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Anne Marie Zettlemoyer
Vice President, Security Engineering, Mastercard