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Vulnerability Analyst

Do you want to be a Vulnerability Analyst?

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Vulnerability Analysts strengthen computer systems in order to protect the safety of both a business and its customers. Thorough research and analysis enable Vulnerability Analysts to anticipate what cybercriminals might do. Many types of businesses use Vulnerability Analysts to continually monitor their network and ensure systems aren't vulnerable to attacks by malicious hackers.

Evaluate Student Interest

Show students how they can use simple skills to excel in this career.

  • Are you a team player?
  • Can you creatively problem solve?
  • Do you find security solutions exciting?
  • Are you interested in developing processes and procedures?

Activate Student Interest

Practice the skills needed to be a successful Vulnerability Analyst with your students.

  • Focus on classes in math, science, and technology.
  • Develop your communication and teamwork skills.
  • Study computer science and cybersecurity.
  • Get job experience working with computer network systems.

You don’t need to know everything. If you just believe in yourself, and you’re willing to challenge yourself, you can do anything you want.

Jazmin Torres Vulnerability Analyst, Mastercard

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